This call has now been reserved [3] for Friday at 8am San Francisco Time. It 
will not be used every week, but only as needed. In order to allow maximum 
participation, please make a request on this list 1 week prior to the call time 
whenever a call would be valuable. Thanks!



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> Hello Web Apps,
> Our recent call [1] regarding HTML Editing (contentEditable, CommandEvent)
> was quite valuable. It seems valuable to have a time reserved for future 
> calls,
> though it will likely not be used every week. If you are interested in
> participating, please fill out the Doodle poll below to indicate what times
> work best for you. The poll contains Pacific Daylight Times 8-10am and 5-6pm
> (converter available [2]), Monday-Friday. Ignore the specific dates because
> the call will be used as-needed for any given week, with at least 48 hours
> advance notice (typically 7 days). This poll will close June 18th.
> Ben Peters
> [1]
> webapps/2014AprJun/0842.html
> [2]
> 147&h=2950159

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