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How can that work if the custom element constructor needs to look in the registry to find its name? Pick a name at random?

Nah, it just automatically starts acting like HTMLQuoteElement: the localName option becomes required. See



Consider if HTML adds a new element that uses the same interface as another element, let's say <foobar>, so that both <foobar> and <data> use HTMLDataElement. When this happens, new HTMLDataElement() starts throwing?

Similarly, if HTML is changed such that an element changes to use a more specific interface, e.g. <ruby> changes from HTMLElement to HTMLRubyElement, then new HTMLElement('ruby') will start throwing?

If so, it seems it removes some flexibility with how HTML uses interfaces. In particular many elements use HTMLElement and it should be possible to change them to use a more specific interface. How do you envision to solve this? Should we assign element-specific interfaces to all post-HTML4 elements now, just in case? Or make new HTMLElement('ruby') create an HTMLRubyElement? Something else?

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