In theory browsers can support any kind of platform-related function, right?

In practice this has proved to be wrong although the reasons vary from lack of 
standards for
the platform feature to support, to security and trust-models models involving 
other parties
than the user and the site connected to.   In addition, the concept of "trusted web 
code" still
doesn't exist and personally I doubt that it will be here anytime soon, if 
ever.  Permissions do
not address code trustability either.

Yet another difficulty is that the browser vendors and "the market" 
occasionally have diverging
interests and priorities, leaving the latter lot in a very unfavorable 
situation w.r.t. innovation.

To avoid TL;DR.  A browser can do things the native level cannot but this is 
equally applicable
the other way round so an obvious solution is "burying the hatchet" and rather 
try to figure out
how these great systems could work in concert!  Here is a concrete suggestion:

Anders Rundgren

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