Dale Harvey <d...@arandomurl.com> wrote:
>> I believe none of these require preflight unless a mistake is being
>> made (probably setting Content-Type on GET requests).
> http://www.w3.org/TR/cors/#preflight-result-cache-0
> If the cache is against the url, and we are sending requests to different
> urls, wont requests to different urls always trigger a preflight?

In general, if your GET requests don't set custom headers, preflight
isn't necessary, because CORS has an optimization for GET (and POST)
that avoids preflight, for exactly the cases like yours..

>> Also, regardless, you can use the CouchDB bulk document API to fetch
>> all these documents in one request, instead of 70,000 requests.
> CouchDB has no bulk document fetch api

Sorry. I was reading
and assumed it had been implemented already. But I see that maybe you
are trying to do something slightly different anyway with PouchDB.
Regardless, no preflight should be necessary for this and so Anne's
proposal won't help with it.

>> I agree that things can be improved here. I think the solution may be
>> better developer tools. In particular, devtools should tell you
>> exactly why a request triggered preflight.
> Whats wrong with 'This origin is part of the public internet and doesnt need
> any complications or restrictions due to CORS' ie Anne proposal?

I didn't say anything was wrong with Anne's proposal. What I said is
that it would help to have somebody present a concrete example of
where it would be useful.


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