* Jonas Sicking wrote:
>We most likely can consider the content-type header as *not* "custom".
>I was one of the people way back when that pointed out that there's a
>theoretical chance that allowing arbitrary content-type headers could
>cause security issues. But it seems highly theoretical.
>I suspect that the mozilla security team would be fine with allowing
>arbitrary content-types to be POSTed though. Worth asking. I can't
>speak for other browser vendors of course.

I think the situation might well be worse now than it was when we first
started discussing what is now "CORS". In any case, this would be an ex-
periment that cannot easily be undone, browser vendors would not pay the
bill if there are actually large scale security vulnerabilities opened
up by such a change, and I do not really see notable benefits in con-
ducting such an experiment.
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