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>  Ah, thanks Dimitri.
>  After reading that, I'm also receiving it rather "coolly". It's a very
> interesting idea, but as it relates to web components, its errs strongly on
> the side of isolation to the degree that the component would be more
> isolated than an iframe today; at least in same-domain, non-sandboxed
> iframes, you can directly access the document via the contentWindow
> property if desired; furthermore styling of this DOMWorker thing which is
> running in a separate thread would be complex to say the least from an
> implementation standpoint. I definitely want to stay firmly on the same
> thread for Shadow DOMs [image: 😊].
Threads don't necessarily come into play here. The proposal doesn't mention
it, but Elliott specifically wanted to stay on the same thread. This is not
technically a "worker", more like an "isolator". But anyway -- it does
sound different from your idea, which I captured into


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