I think ‘Worker’ threw me off at first ☺.

My original use case was to make the current model of loading components more 
“local”, as AFAIK, these components can only presently be loaded by code you 
trust, e.g., via some script library somewhere imported via a <script> tag, or 
by way of <link rel=import> which pulls in same-origin or CORS-approved 
cross-origin content.

I hadn’t considered cross-domain components, which is another interesting 
use-case, I agree.

The bit of magic in this proposal that improves on the iframe experience is the 
SharedWorker-like single instance across related components.

Generally speaking, is cross-origin components something that we should be 
looking to address? The strong isolation is a good model, but very restrictive 
and not that far-different from iframes IMO. I also can’t help thinking how the 
discussion of closed vs. open component access relates to cross-origin (or not) 

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That seems really cool. I'm not sure worker is the right terminology
since at the moment worker sort of implies there's no node tree
available due to the complexity that would give. But an isolated
global for a set of reusable components that are mixed into the
document seems roughly in line with what we have with <input> et al



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