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> Hello WebApps Group,

Hi Ali,

Yay! This is great to see a formal proposal for! Definitely something
that mozilla is very interested in working on.

> If there is sufficient interest, I would like to work on this within the 
> scope of the WebApps working group.

I personally will stay out of WG politics. But I think the proposal
will receive more of the needed attention and review in this WG than
in the HTML WG. But I'm not sure if W3C policies dictate that this is
done in the HTML WG.

> [4] Proposal: http://internetexplorer.github.io/directory-upload/proposal.html

So, some specific feedback on the proposal.

First off, I don't think you can use the name "dir" for the new
attribute since that's already used for setting rtl/ltr direction.
Simply renaming the attribute to something else should fix this.

Second, rather than adding a .directory attribute, I think that we
should simply add any selected directories to the .files list. My
experience is that having a direct mapping between what the user does,
and what we expose to the webpage, generally results in less developer
confusion and/or annoyance.

My understanding is that the current proposal is mainly so that if we
in the future add something like Directory.enumerateDeep(), that that
would automatically enable deep enumeration through all user options.
However that could always be solved by adding a
HTMLInputElement.enumerateFilesDeep() function.

/ Jonas

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