On 4/21/15 5:39 AM, Kostiainen, Anssi wrote:

Is there a plan to publish an errata to sync the Web Storage Rec [1] with the 
latest? I counted 8 commits cherry picked into the Editor's Draft since Rec [2].

If no errata publication is planned, I'd expect the Rec to clearly indicate its 

Hi Anssi,

Re the priority of this issue, is this mostly a "truth and beauty" process-type request or is this issue actually creating a problem(s)? (If the later, I would appreciate it, if you would please provide some additional context.)

The main thing blocking the publication of errata is a commitment from someone to actually do the work. I also think Ian's automatic push of commits from the WHATWG version of Web Storage to [2] was stopped a long time ago so there could be additional changes to be considered, and the totality of changes could include normative changes. Did you check for these later changes?

If you, or anyone else, would like to help with this effort, that would be great. (If it would be helpful, we could create a new webstorage repo under github/w3c/, work on the errata in that repo and redirect the CVS-backed errata document to the new repo.)

Personally, I think putting errata in a separate file - as opposed to putting changes directly into [1] - is mostly "make work" and fails the "principle of least surprise". However, I think the consortium's various processes preclude us from doing what I consider is "the right thing".

-Thanks, ArtB




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