From: Dimitri Glazkov [] 

> What do you think, folks?

Was there a writeup that explained how slots did not have the same 
performance/timing problems as select=""? I remember Alex and I were pretty 
convinced they did at the F2F, but I think you became convinced they did not 
... did anyone capture that?

My only other contribution is that I sincerely hope we can use tag names 
instead of the content-slot attribute, i.e. <dropdown> instead of <div 
content-slot="dropdown">. Although slots cannot fully emulate native elements 
in this manner (e.g. <select>/<optgroup>/<option>), they would at least get 
syntactically closer, and would in some cases match up (e.g. 
<details>/<summary>). I think it would be a shame to start proliferating markup 
in the <div content-slot="dropdown"> vein if we eventually want to get to a 
place where shadow DOM can be used to emulate native elements, which do not use 
this pattern.

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