On Mon, May 18, 2015 at 6:48 PM, Hayato Ito <hay...@chromium.org> wrote:

> My preference in v1:
> 1. select (strongly preferred). okay to rename it if we have a better
> name. e.g. <content select=xxx> ==>  <slot select=xxx>
> 2. select + content-slot
> 3. content-slot
> I was assuming that "content-slot" is one of required parts in the
> "Multiple Templates" proposal and "Imperative APIs".
> Both, "Multiple Templates" and "Imperative APIs" are deferred to v2. There
> is still no convincing proposal about how these are interacted in the
> future.

Those were never conjoined that much. Slots and multiple templates are part
of the same proposal, but they are largely independent pieces. As for slots
being a prerequisite for imperative APIs, I only remember it being
mentioned in the sense that any flavor of declarative API should be
implementable by the imperative API.

> I'd like to see a concrete proposal which explains all together in v2. For
> v1, I don't see any strong reason to replace the current select.

Is the situation where no other vendors are willing to implement the
current select not a strong reason?

> I am not fan of bedding something which is unclear.
> Could someone summarize the pros and cons of content-slot, compared to
> select?
> For me, cons are much bigger than pros in v1. I don't want to miss
> anything.

That's a good request. I'll work on the comparison, including Domenic's
request to outline the constant-timeliness.


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