On 6/26/15 4:07 AM, Ashley Gullen wrote:
I don't think we should extend HTMLImageElement because it is not
available in workers. Adding the conversion methods to ImageBitmap
allows workers to perform conversions using Blob (compressed image data)
in the place of HTMLImageElement.

Maybe I wasn't clear. I was suggesting that we have the methods on both HTMLImageElement and ImageBitmap (and possibly on any other things we feel should have the methods directly).

I like the suggestion that "ImageBitmap be the hub of image conversion",

I agree that it sounds appealing, but it means ImageBitmap now has to serve two masters: it has to be something that you can paint from quickly (premultiplied, probably lives on the GPU) _and_ it needs to be something you can transferToImageData efficiently (better to not live on the GPU for this).

Maybe that's OK; it's just a bit of a warning flag from my point of view when a single object is meant to do multiple quite different things; it makes it harder to have it be good at all of them...


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