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The minutes of the August 23-24 Editing Task Force f2f meeting are available as:
* http://www.w3.org/2015/08/23-webapps-minutes.html 
* http://www.w3.org/2015/08/24-webapps-minutes.html 

- RESOLUTION: We think we want strict subsets - events is a subset of caret is 
a subset of typing which is a subset of true.
- RESOLUTION: we want information in selection that says where the caret is - 
before/after linebreak, where in a bidi boundary it is, and a way to say how to 
put it in a given place (before, after, or at both ends). Primitives for a 
superset of all browser behaviour, but browsers will choose for themselves 
where to put it and leave editor implementors to normalise that if they want it
- RESOLUTION: For now we can live with not being able to solve the edge case of 
knowing which end of a bidi block you get to when you move the DOM across to a 
different browser
- RESOLUTION: We are going to focus on describing ce=typing as a priority.
- RESOLUTION: : We will have typing with compositionstart (cancelable) when you 
can set a selection point, then a series on non cancelable beforeinputs to 
replace text, and two kinds of delete events - one inside composition not 
cancelable, and a "normal" one to be handled by the application
- RESOLUTION: We will ask the accessibility people to look at IMEs and the 
problems we should have considered here but didn’t.
- RESOLUTION: remove caret, and put it in beforeselectionchange in selection API
- RESOLUTION: have a relatedEvent to point to the UI event that caused a DI 
event to be fired.
- RESOLUTION: one delete event with data for forward/backward
- RESOLUTION: We want to be able to insert newline or new paragraph

Thanks to all meeting participants, the scribes/chairs, and the host.


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