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Leonie, Charles,

I would like to request a 90 minute meeting on Friday at TPAC.

We generally don't have more than 60 minutes for meeting sessions. You're requesting a joint session with the ARIA WG, right?

I've put a marker into the agenda for now: https://github.com/w3c/WebPlatformWG/blob/gh-pages/meetings/16-09-23TPAC-4.md

Of critical importance is the discussion regarding the requirements around Web Components. Some issues I know we need to discuss are:

1. ARIA 2.0 extensibility
2. ARIA  2.0 needed semantics

Can you provide a bit more framing information for these questions? What do you think WP can help with?

3. Ability to reference elements inside a web component and from within the web component to outside the web component.

This sounds like it should be brought up directly in the Web Components work. We don't expect many, if any, of the people most involved in that to be there on Friday, having set aside a full day for the topic on the Monday.

Again, framing the issue in more detail in advance would be helpful. Is there a requirement to do this, a use case, do you want it to be impossible, or what? It would probably be a good idea to check the issues currently filed, and if there isn't an issue (open or closed) that matches this, then file one - or if there is one already explain your use cases / requirements there.



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