Hi All,

A little over a month ago I got married. My wife and I are planning on
doing an extended honeymoon, starting now and ending sometime early next

I'm not certain where we'll end up after the honeymoon, or what either of
us will work with. Because of this, my last day at Mozilla was Wednesday
Aug 3rd.

Working on the web with you all has been an amazing experience. Please keep
moving the web forward and make it a pleasant experience for all developers
to build amazing and beautiful content that is enjoyable for users to take
part of.

I'll unsubscribe to this and other w3c lists shortly, but if you want to
reach me I'll still be on this email address.

For those who are interested, here's a video of, not my wife's and my first
dance, but of our first circus performance <https://youtu.be/wadG_OXWiPU>.

/ Jonas

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