On Fri, 2018-02-09 at 10:30 +0000, Sebastian Sonne wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> ever since the stable release of 2.15, I’ve tried to synchronize debian, 
> without any success. The error message given is "'md5sums' file not found, 
> can't list MD5 sums“. In https://pulp.plan.io/issu
> es/3311, I have finally found out why: debpkg expects an md5sum, when 
> apparently this is optional, causing everything else to fail. The fix for 
> this is present in python-debpkgr version 1.0.2, but
> the only currently available version from pulp is 1.0.1.
> As I’m unsure where to turn to with the request to update python2-debpkgr, 
> I’ll do it here.

Thanks for reporting this Sebastion!

As pulp's release engineer, I'll get right on updating python-debpkgr in our 
repos.  I'll send an update when the fix has been pushed

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