keep the headphone-mic's priority to 87, after booting up, the default
input active_port is headset-mic (that is expected), I plug a microphone
and select "headphone-mic" from UI program, the input active_port is
headphone-mic now, then I unplug the headphone-mic, the input
active_port is  changed back to headset-mic. So changing priority really
can fix these two issues.
Do both ports change availability status from "no" to "unknown" when
anything is plugged in? That would explain why increasing the headset-
mic priority fixes both issues.
Yes, it works in the way as you guess.
I guess you'll write a patch for increasing the port priority. I would
strongly recommend changing the UI program as well, but that's up to
I will write a patch to increase port priority first, later I will improve the UI program.


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