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I want to capture the audio stream of my TV with my PCI-E Toslink
card and play it back on my usb XLR soundcard. The reason why I
do that
is to use my own music boxes rather than the TV speakers. With
toslink +
XLR I do not have problems with ground loops etc.

With 48kHz The sound is working properly now. The problem I got ~~now~~
is that there is sound distortion in the recording. -> A reboot fixed that.

Is there any negative effect when using 48kHz as default sample rate? Is
there a way to configure only the loopback module with this special
sample rate? (Sorry, I have no idea how audio works internally). And if
there is no other way than configuring the default sample rate, how can
is set this as user (without root) if possible?

Thanks a lot so far :)

For some reason I got the sound distortion back and it is not fixable
via reboot. I cannot tell where this is coming from, its really strange.
Any ideas?

Maybe this is a volume issue. Have you tried removing the files
in ~/.config/pulse (*-volume.*) and restarting PA?

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