On 22.02.2018 20:18, Georg Chini wrote:
On 22.02.2018 17:15, Raman Shyshniou wrote:
Currently the pipe-source will remain running even if no
writer is connected and therefore no data is produced.
This patch prevets this by auto-suspending source
when all writers are disconnected.
  src/modules/module-pipe-source.c | 190 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------
  1 file changed, 156 insertions(+), 34 deletions(-)

I believe you need some user_unsuspended and/or auto_unsuspended
flag that is set in the SET_STATE handler to handle the first data read
after suspend correctly.

When you unsuspend from auto suspend, the first chunk you already read
from the pipe should be posted - as far as I can see this happens.

However, when you unsuspend from user suspend, the data in the pipe may
be old - you did not read anything during suspend. Therefore the first chunk you read should be discarded. That does not happen as far as I can tell. Or am I overlooking something (again)?
Maybe you can simply drain the pipe in the SET_STATE handler when waking
up from user suspend. Then you need no extra logic in the thread function.
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