Adding the missing documentation for `module-filter-heuristics` and

Most of the documentation was made based on the Victor Gaydov's article

This also fixes the PulseAudio bug 96804

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autospawning of PulseAudio. Don'
 This is a compatibility module for libesd based autospawning of PulseAudio. 
Don't use it directly.
+### module-filter-apply
+Tracks when a stream is created, moved and properties list changed.
+Checks if this is a group filter, which uses a paired source and sink and 
therefore requires a paired source output and sink input.
+In this case, the filter is loaded only if the paired stream exists as well.
+Two streams are considered paired if they have the same "filter.apply" 
property and the same stream group identifier.
+Currently, the only group filter is "echo-cancel".
+Checks if the user did specify additional module paraterer via the 
"filter.apply.<filter_name>.parameters" property.
+Loads the "module-<filter_name>" module. The "master" or the "source_master" 
and ""sink_master"" arguments are set to the name of the source or sink to 
which the stream or paired streams are currently connected.
+If the user did specify additional parameters, they are also passed to the 
+Finds the newly loaded filter source or sink.
+Moves the stream or paired streams to the filter source or sink.
+* autoclean
+    * Unload unused filters every ten seconds if true.
+### module-filter-heuristics
+Tracks when a stream is created or moved.
+Converts the "filter.want" to "filter.apply" property, unless is filtered out.
+The filtering list is hard-coded, and currently there is only one situation 
where "echo-cancel" is filtered out for "phone" indendded role.
 ### module-loopback
 **Since 0.9.16.** This allows one to route audio from a source directly back 
to a sink.

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