Colin Guthrie schrob:
> 'Twas brillig, and Jan Braun at 15/07/10 06:07 did gyre and gimble:
> > 1. Shouldn't PA do only obvious things automatically, and not bug the
> >    user about obvious things? The proposition "PA automaticallly breaks
> >    stuff, so it needs to show the user how to unbreak it" seems flawed.
> Depends on your definition. I'm a firm believer of doing the right thing
> automatically and if you can't work out what the "right thing" is, then
> don't do it at all. But when it does do something automatically, I'd
> quite like to be informed about it. This already happens on KDE with
> their Phonon system, so it's not unprecedented, but all the same it may
> not be liked by Gnomey folk. But hey, it will be optional.

Ok, sonds reasonable.
(Except for the assertion "PA users = KDE xor Gnome". Grr. :)

> > 2. Isn't PA a daemon and thus can't interact with the user? Or did you
> >    mean "set a flag that pavucontrol etc. can read"? But then the user
> >    still would have to run pavucontrol on their own...
> [...]
> It would be pretty trivial to load a "notification" module in the
> start-pulseaudio-x11 script and this was my intention.

True, thanks.

> > If you can't tell, I'm concerned about PA not staying out of my way.
> It'll be a module, so it will be optional.

Yep. And being conditional on start-pulseaudio-x11 makes it stay out of
my way automatically. Thanks! :D

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