> Well right now there are several projects (outside of my own) going on
> in this field, but there does seem to be a little bit of disparity with
> upstream people.
> One project specifically is coming from the ALSA side and will get
> support in PA. This project is very likely to become the defacto method
> of operation on embedded systems and thus I would hope that people at
> MeeGo would talk more openly about what they are doing so as not to
> reinvent the wheel.

If you are talking about the audio scenarios developed by Liam, I
don't think there's any sort of conflict. it's my understanding that
the scenarios are mainly to configure the hardware routing and
performance of a given audio device using specific settings (eg voice
volume, etc).
This thread is more about what output will be used if you have
multiple audio accessories or peripherals. It's one level higher I
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