Am Donnerstag, 15. September 2016 14:53:57 UTC+2 schrieb HPUX_PUPPET:
> ...
> This post was mainly about seeing if Puppet / Factor had been tweaked over 
> the years to pull lists of installed RPMs given Red Hat Satellite 6 using 
> Puppet as part of their software management and server build solution. 
>  unfortunatly besides integration of Puppet in foreman GUI it's not very 
sophisticated in sense of additonal features to manage RHEL systems. I 
first hoped they will release supported puppet modules to make 
configuration of basic stuff easy but this did not happen. 

now they bought ansible I don't think they will make investments in better 
support. IMHO Puppet 4 is still not supported on the satellite 6 server. 

- Thomas

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