On Sunday, September 18, 2016 at 3:42:36 AM UTC-5, Warron French wrote:
> Hi, thanks Peter.
> I am writing this module to write it based on the design I have had 
> because... being a little lazy I guess you might say/think.  I know that I 
> could do a link, but I believe for something like this an actual file might 
> be required, because if the main file is deleted, then the banner is lost 
> entirely because the links will be broken.
As Peter said, If you have people randomly deleting system files then you 
have a bigger problem.  Furthermore, making three regular files in that 
case is only a partial mitigation of such a risk, because losing any one of 
the files still impacts consumers of that file.

But the main point I wanted to raise here is that this is one of the things 
Puppet is *for*.  Whether you use regular files or symlinks, if one or more 
of them is deleted or modified then you can expect Puppet to restore it on 
the next catalog run.  Moreover, if you have reporting enabled then the 
update will be reported to you.  This may or may not be sufficient for your 


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