On Monday, October 17, 2016 at 6:14:07 AM UTC-5, Ilia Ternovich wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to install puppet first and then manage my oracle jdk 
> installation with it. I don't need OpenJDK

... for anything other than Puppetserver.

As far as I know, puppetserver ought to run as well on the Oracle JRE as it 
does on OpenJDK JRE, as even if we weren't talking about *Java*, the two 
products are very closely related.  Thus, yours appears to be a packaging 
problem, not a functional problem.  I take it that Ubuntu does not allow 
you to install multiple Java packages, else you wouldn't be asking, but 
some other distros do cleanly support having multiple versions installed 
simultaneously.  Anyway, since it's a packaging problem, one approach to 
solving it would be to repackage puppetserver to change its dependencies.

But you need any of that only on the master (as far as Puppet is 
concerned), for the Puppet agent does not depend on Java.  And perhaps that 
in itself resolves the problem, for what prevents you from using OpenJDK on 
the master, and whatever Puppet-managed Java you like everywhere else?


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