On Mon, 2016-10-17 at 13:13 +0200, Ilia Ternovich wrote:
> I would like to install puppet first and then manage my oracle jdk
> installation with it. I don't need OpenJDK
Well, before managing anything with Puppet, you need a working
puppetserver. And puppetserver has a dependency on OpenJDK, because
it's the only JDK shipped with Xenial.

So, install puppetserver with OpenJDK and write your manifest to
install Oracle's JDK later (you can safely install OpenJDK and Oracle
JDK in parallel on Ubuntu).

But the question remains, why would you want to install Oracle JDK
on the puppetserver? Puppetserver works fine with OpenJDK on Xenial,
been running it for 3-4 months now without a glitch.


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