On Friday, February 9, 2018 at 4:00:48 PM UTC-6, Albert Shih wrote:
> Hi, 
> I would like to know how you or what's best practice to manage tag in 
> exported resources. 
> For example I have two hosts H1 and H2->100, and I want export file_line 
> from H2->100 
> to H1. 
> So or I use a standardized tag (like "for_${::fqdn}" whatever the kind of 
> resource) than in H1 I can very easily imported those resource. Or I need 
> share a information between those two hosts (and I don't know how to do 
> that properly when I have lot of exported resources). 
> What's best way ? 

I would start by generalizing the problem a bit.  *Why* do you want to 
export a resource from H1 to H2->100?  There are two aspects that I would 
recommend being reflected by one or more tags:

   1. File_line is a very generic resource.  It will likely be helpful, 
   therefore, to tag instances with something that narrows that type in a 
   meaningful way.  For example, if there were not already a Host resource 
   type, then you might use File_line tagged with something like "hosts_line" 
   for the same purpose.
   2. Since you specifically want one host to collect this resource, it 
   sounds like there is a question of scope that might be appropriately 
   reflected by a tag.  It is unlikely that H1's *identity* is an 
   appropriate descriptor for that scope, however.  The scope in question 
   might be a data center, a compute cluster, an application, or similar.  
   That's what should be reflected by tagging.  Or maybe you don't actually 
   need a scope narrower than your whole site after all.

This permits you to decouple H1 and H2->100 from each other, making the 
whole arrangement both clearer and more flexible.  H2->100 does not need to 
know or care which node(s), if any, are going to collect the resources it 
exports, and it doesn't need to do anything differently if that changes.  
On the H1 side, the purpose of collecting the particular resources it does 
is clearer.


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