On Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 11:31:26 AM UTC-8, Branan Purvine-Riley 

> We know the addition of new platforms has been lagging, and we apologize 
> for that. Fedora 27 is almost done, and should start appearing in our 
> nightly repository soon (possibly tonight, if our automated testing all 
> passes).
> We've been working on cleaning up our packer[1] scripts to make setting up 
> our build/test environments quicker. We have also made some process changes 
> to how we keep track up upcoming distro releases, in order to better get 
> ahead of the curve. We're still catching up, but we hope we won't lag quite 
> so far behind on future new OS releases.
How about your 2-3 year old vagrant boxes ?
(centos6 and centos7 specifically)


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