On 5/15/20 9:00 AM, Uwe Sauter wrote:
> Chris,
> thanks for taking a look.
> Am 14.05.20 um 23:13 schrieb Chris Hofstaedtler | Deduktiva:
>> * Uwe Sauter <uwe.sauter...@gmail.com> [200514 22:23]:
>> [...]
>>> More details:
>>> I followed these two instructions:
>>> https://community.mellanox.com/s/article/howto-configure-sr-iov-for-connectx-4-connectx-5-with-kvm--ethernet-x
>>> https://community.mellanox.com/s/article/howto-configure-sr-iov-for-connect-ib-connectx-4-with-kvm--infiniband-x
>>> At about halfway through the second site I can't go on because the 
>>> mentioned paths are not available in /sys:
>>> /sys/class/infiniband/mlx5_0/device/sriov/0/policy
>>> /sys/class/infiniband/mlx5_0/device/sriov/0/node
>>> /sys/class/infiniband/mlx5_0/device/sriov/0/port
>> Disclaimer: I don't have the hardware you're talking about.
>> However, I took a quick look at the mainline kernel drivers and the
>> driver sources from mellanox.com - the mainline kernel does _NOT_
>> have the code for these files.
>> I guess if you want to use that, you'll have to install the ofed
>> driver from mellanox.com (preferably by starting with the sources
>> for Ubuntu 20.04).
> As I mentioned I tried to install Mellanox OFED (for Debian) but it wants to 
> uninstall many PVE related packages. If anyone has
> successfully installed MOFED on PVE 6 and can provide instructions, I'd be 
> happy.

I do not have this HW either but from a quick look you need to do two

# apt install pve-headers
(the script assumes that this is linux-headers-*, and thus fails here already)

Open the "install.pl" file in an editor and search for the "sub uninstall"
There add an early return:

return 0;

immediately after the opening { after that you should be able to build it.

It tries to install it directly with dpkg and that may fail, if so try to
install it manually with `apt install /path/to/package.deb ...other.deb`
you may want to pass all debs from the DEBS sub directories to that one

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