Gianni, Thomas,

thanks for your time.

I mitigated the issue by exchanging the Infiniband card with an older model that still uses the mlx4 driver. Still had some issued finding the correct module settings for this piece of hardware but finally got it working.

Maybe some time, when I have a spare minute I'll try your proposals.

Have a relaxing weekend,


Am 15.05.20 um 19:18 schrieb Gianni Milo:
I don't own this hardware too, but was able to compile its kernel modules (.ko) from its source package which is provided at Mellanox web site. I used a test PVE (VM) with pve-kernel and pve-headers installed on it. Then I extracted the   source package (tar.gz) on temp location and executed <> script which took a while to complete.
That produced a couple of kernel modules within 
  I guess that from that point it's just a case of loading appropriate modules 
with modprobe command.


On Fri, 15 May 2020 at 15:29, Thomas Lamprecht < 
<>> wrote:

    On 5/15/20 9:00 AM, Uwe Sauter wrote:
     > Chris,
     > thanks for taking a look.
     > Am 14.05.20 um 23:13 schrieb Chris Hofstaedtler | Deduktiva:
     >> * Uwe Sauter < <>> 
[200514 22:23]:
     >> [...]
     >>> More details:
     >>> I followed these two instructions:
     >>> At about halfway through the second site I can't go on because the 
mentioned paths are not available in /sys:
     >>> /sys/class/infiniband/mlx5_0/device/sriov/0/policy
     >>> /sys/class/infiniband/mlx5_0/device/sriov/0/node
     >>> /sys/class/infiniband/mlx5_0/device/sriov/0/port
     >> Disclaimer: I don't have the hardware you're talking about.
     >> However, I took a quick look at the mainline kernel drivers and the
     >> driver sources from <> - the mainline 
kernel does _NOT_
     >> have the code for these files.
     >> I guess if you want to use that, you'll have to install the ofed
     >> driver from <> (preferably by starting 
with the sources
     >> for Ubuntu 20.04).
     > As I mentioned I tried to install Mellanox OFED (for Debian) but it 
wants to uninstall many PVE related packages.
    If anyone has
     > successfully installed MOFED on PVE 6 and can provide instructions, I'd 
be happy.

    I do not have this HW either but from a quick look you need to do two

    # apt install pve-headers
    (the script assumes that this is linux-headers-*, and thus fails here 

    Open the " <>" file in an editor and search for the 
"sub uninstall"
    There add an early return:

    return 0;

    immediately after the opening { after that you should be able to build it.

    It tries to install it directly with dpkg and that may fail, if so try to
    install it manually with `apt install /path/to/package.deb ...other.deb`
    you may want to pass all debs from the DEBS sub directories to that one

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