OK, i admit that running a wireless card on a virtualization host
server is a bit strange, but... it is my home server! ;-)

After upgrading to 6.2 (but the same was on 6.1, i've simply missed
that...) i've seen:

 May 17 23:47:55 ino kernel: [    7.839970] cfg80211: Loading compiled-in X.509 
certificates for regulatory database
 May 17 23:47:55 ino kernel: [    7.848525] platform regulatory.0: Direct 
firmware load for regulatory.db failed with error -2
 May 17 23:47:55 ino kernel: [    7.848527] cfg80211: failed to load 

AFAI've understood by google, the current wireless-regdb buster package
(2016.06.10-1) is old for the PVE kernel.

Can i ask to 'backport' it as for other hardware-support package?

I know is nothing more then a warning, but... thanks.

PS: i've not tried to install simply from debian backport, package
seems available:

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