Dear all,

having worked with oVirt in the past there are some features that I am really missing in PVE in my daily work:

a) a tabular overview over all virtual machines. This should/might also include some performance data and the description. See the attached partial screenshot from oVirt, where this is implemented quite nicely. This is /not/ to replace proper monitoring but to provide a quick overview over the PVE-based intrastructure

a1) the possibility to provide the virtual machines and containers with a short, one-line description

b) the possibility to use keywords from the Notes field or the description (see a1 above) in the search box. Our hosts are all named <unit>-vm<vm_number> which forces us to keep a separate list for the mapping of services to hostnames

It would be great to see these features in some future PVE release.

Cheers, Frank
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