On 03/06/2018 02:28 PM, wlavrij...@lbl.gov wrote:
> Chris,
> thanks!
> For the articles mentioned in the list (about a third into the page
> (1)), all
> of them are ancient (newest from 2003), describing obsolete tech. One link
> still works and I was able to find a live link for another. Last one
> appears
> to be completely discarded. Similar for the weave page (2), which refers to
> a project that still exists, but is declared obsolete (all links are dead).
> Any rules for this, or place to discuss?

Not really. Wikis are like this... time wounds them, and there's nobody
"assigned to maintain".

Just a personal view: sometimes I'll move an obsolete chunk to its own
section at the bottom of the page with a header that says "this is old
content, links don't work and will be removed eventually unless somebody
resurrects it".  Sometimes just throw it out.  The wiki is versioned, so
if the decision was wrong, an older version of the page can be recovered.

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