I am using pyinstaller to distribute an application I have developed but in 
a way that nothing needs to be installed on users' machines. Guess that's 
how most people use it.

I succesfully created the .exe but it can take up to 1min30s to the main 
screen to show up. The best performance I get is 14s on the dist folder 
that pyinstaller creates. If you locate the exe on the desktop, for 
example, it takes more than one minute. While writing the program, the fist 
time I would run it via Spyder shell it would take 8s so that's the best it 
can get on my machine. Therefore, 14s is a good amount of seconds for the 
whole bundle to load but I do not have this performance all the time and I 
am here asking for help regarding this.

Thanks a lot,


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