On 19/09/2016 21:23, maurice wrote:
> So all this time is due to unpacking? Also sometimes it's much quicker
> (like 10s) and in some other cases it exceeds 1 minute.

If you have recently run the packed code, i.e. last few minutes, your OS
cashing may well go - you just deleted those files and need them back so
here you go. Also some anti-virus software can cause a huge variability
- the first time that you run it will scan the entire packed executable
before allowing it to run, scan the files it writes as it writes them
and in some cases scan them again as they are read but once it has done
so may just verify that it is the same unchanged file. Also any dynamic
load libraries are loaded into RAM at the first run and don't
necessarily remove themselves as soon as you exit so a second run
shortly after the first can be faster from that as well.

Steve (Gadget) Barnes
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