On Mon, Apr 10, 2006 at 11:35:30PM +0100, Kelvin Lawson wrote:
> >>I'd need to rewrite it in C but it should translate fairly easily, 
> >>especially given what we now know about CD+G.
> >
> >Which, presumably, is more than you did before the first cut.  :-)
> Yeah, it was easy enough to knock something up that worked on my small 
> collection of tracks, but since then I've had a few people (you 
> included) send me CD+Gs that interpreted the spec differently. It's been 
> all quiet for some time now, so it must be perfect <ducks>.

/me swings


> >Hmmm... Is there a standardized way to get raw tracks off a Redbook CD
> >in Linux?  Doesn't XMMS do some of this?
> Pass. When I wrote cdgtools, the only useful tool I could find for 
> reading subchannel data was cdrdao. We can presumably package up ATAPI 
> commands and pass them to the relevant Linux driver, but cdrdao might 
> take away the pain of handling a range of drives with different 
> supported commands etc.

Yeah; I've been hearing you imply that the CDRDAO people abstracted
their stuff into a library; I hadn't realized that.

> >>rip just the CD+G data without any MP3 encoding. You can then play this 
> >>back as usual with pycdg.py while the CD track plays. Should be 
> >>relatively quick to implement but you pay the price of the time spent 
> >>doing the rip before playback.
> >
> >Could you sync it, though?
> Well there's the new "no audio" option in pycdg. This uses the system 
> clock to play the CD+G in real time. It would need to know if you had 
> paused or rewound etc, but it could probably do the job. You can also 
> poll the pygame CD playback to find out the current playtime but it's 
> only one second accuracy.

Hmmm.  Maybe we're better off where we are.  :-)

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