Hi Steve,

Thanks for the response and the info.

Will look into the app development environment on Pyramid. 


On Friday, July 31, 2015 at 11:33:46 AM UTC+5:30, Steve Piercy wrote:
> There are none.  There are probably many proprietary ecommerce 
> apps written on top of Pyramid. 
> There are many application development environments built on top 
> of Pyramid which may facilitate the creation of an ecommerce app. 
> http://docs.pylonsproject.org/en/latest/docs/pyramid.html#sample-pyramid-development-environments
> There are maybe a half-dozen FOSS ecommerce apps written in 
> Python using Plone and Django. 
> --steve 
> On 7/30/15 at 10:25 PM, pina...@gmail.com <javascript:> (Ecommerce 
> Platform 
> Architect) pronounced: 
> >Would really appreciate if someone could give me any pointers. 
> >I tried searching on the net but couldn't find any open source 
> >ecommerce framework on pyramid/pylons. 
> > 
> >Thanks, 
> >Pinakee 
> > 
> >On Wednesday, July 29, 2015 at 2:09:47 PM UTC+5:30, Ecommerce 
> >Platform Architect wrote: 
> >> 
> >>Hi, 
> >>I have been using Python based framework for quite sometime 
> >>and have built social networking platform, CMS platform for 
> >>Videos etc. using python frameworks. 
> >>Right now I am evaluating a platform for Ecommerce which is 
> >>our company's next target. Hence, I was wondering if there's 
> >>any open-source ecommerce platform built on Pyramid. For 
> >>example Django has Oscar, Saleor etc. We could build the 
> >>platform ground up but time to market is of essence. Hence, 
> >>was looking for some already available modules/framework. 
> >> 
> >>Would appreciate your help/response. 
> >> 
> >>Thanks. 
> > 
> ------------------------ 
> Steve Piercy, Soquel, CA 

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