I wouldn't run this via supervisord, because supervisord is really aimed at 
managing services that are supposed to be "on" (ie, production or staging 
environments).  You'll encounter a lot of issues when you need to persist 
an off-state across reboots or need to tweak certain settings (which will 
force all supervisord managed services to shut-down then start up again).

It also sounds like you're trying to just keep a version of the app running 
online somewhere, then update that and run tests against it. 

Personally, I think it would make better sense to just spin up your demo 
app as a process that belongs to Jenkins, run the tests against that, and 
then shut it down -- all within your testrun.  This way your  tests are all 
isolated and ensured against that exact build.  If you want to keep a a 
staging or other live version, manage it separate depending on the outcome 
of tests -- If your tests pass, upgrade that app to the new version; if 
they fail, leave that last functional app as-is.

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