On Wednesday, September 23, 2015 at 8:18:43 PM UTC+2, 
alain.d...@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca wrote:
> I have a Pyramid app called tdddemoPyramidApp.py, for which I wrote a 
> bunch of integration tests using PhantomJS.
> I want those tests to be run by the Jenkins Continuous Integration server 
> whenever there is a new commit.
> I have managed to get this mostly working, except for one thing.
> Before I run the the unit tests, I need restart the tdddemoPyramidApp.py 
> script so that it runs the most recent version of the app. When I run the 
> tests outside of Jenkins, I just Ctrl-C the script and re-issue the command 
> python tdddemoPyramidApp.

I'm using a real wsgi server in a specific thread so you can use 
setUp/tearDown or pytest.fixtures to start/stop it. Then you can use 
subprocess to launch phantomjs tests

There is one in webtest (search for StopableWSGIServer in the docs) but now 
I'm using this 
https://github.com/gawel/aiowsgi/blob/master/aiowsgi/thread.py which I 
found more robust. It works with py27 even if it use asyncio. Unfortunatly 
this one is not documented.

Hope this can help.


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