Ok, this use case is somewhat similar to ours... in that it doesn't require 
pyramid at all.  We use sqlalchemy, but zodb shouldn't be much different.

We have 2 packages:

* `myapp_pyramid`
* `myapp_celery`

`myapp_pyramid` will import `myapp_celery` to call it's `@task` decorated 
functions.  these functions are just a workhorse.

`myapp_celery` is also invoked as a worker daemon.  it imports 
`myapp_pyramid`, but only to use the models and some library utilities. 
 (in a more perfect world, the models would be in a third package).  

each celery `@task` starts/manages it's own transaction and database 
connection.  it doesn't run any pyramid code, and isn't bound to a request 
or anything like that.  

quick sidenote, if you think there is a memory leak -- are you running 
debugtoolbar?  that stashes the requests, so the process will keep growing 
and it will look like a memory leak... but it's really a conscious decision 
to keep the memory.

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