My first mailing list post, as this really puzzles me. I'd like to use a 
short format for displaying HTTP requests in development mode.

Before, I used to have this snippet in my Pyramid app's __init__.py:

from paste.translogger import TransLogger
format = '%(status)s %(REQUEST_METHOD)s %(REQUEST_URI)s' 
app = TransLogger(app, format=format) 
return app

I'd like to turn this into using an .ini file, however, I cannot specify 
the format, as the .ini file syntax needs some kind of escaping, which I 
cannot figure out.

Here is a try on setting translogger format via .ini file:

use = egg:Paste#translogger
setup_console_handler = False
format = %%(status)s %%(REQUEST_METHOD)s %%(REQUEST_URI)s 

It results in an error:

ConfigParser.InterpolationMissingOptionError: Error in file .../development.
ini: Bad value substitution:  
 section: [filter:translogger] 
 option : format 
 key : status 
 rawval : %%(status)s

What is the right escaping method to set translogger's format via .ini file?

Or if it's not possible to escape it, then I don't get it. Why does 
translogger has a format option, if you cannot actually enter anything 
there via ini?

Alembic, for example supports escaping perfectly fine, for example:

file_template = %%(year)d_%%(month).2d_%%(day).2d_%%(hour).2d_%%(minute).2d_

Here is this 4 year old issue in PasteDeploy, I think it's related:


Any ideas how to solve this?

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