I guess that's an alternative as well. Is there a way to access and 
configure an already existing [filter:translogger] from the Python code?

// about the tween version, I've just realised that it's not even using 
translogger or is it? I mean I've been so puzzled because of translogger 
and I've only used it as it was in the guides and it was what people 
recommended me on the IRC channel, but not using translogger seems way 
cleaner and more flexible option to me.

Does using the tween even mean I no longer need the paste dependency? If so 
that's brilliant! 

On Friday, March 11, 2016 at 9:54:30 PM UTC+1, Jonathan Vanasco wrote:
> Assuming the issue is what you think it may be...
> What if you just used the .ini file to declare that you want translogger 
> enabled and some variables, but then your app setup code handles the setup 
> (and fixes the template line). 
> That would still let you control everything off an ini, but your code 
> would do the integration instead of paste.

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