Hey everyone!

Some of you know me as the charming character portrayed on #pyramid as 
dowwie (/sarcasm) and some of us have met in person at the last two PyCon 
Montreal.   Over the last year, I've authored Yosai, a security framework 
for python applications.  Yosai can be used by a wide range of 
applications, not just web applications.  

The first PyPI release of Yosai is imminent -- by end of March.  The 
release of the project coincides with the release of a few "batteries 
included" project extensions, currently to enable dogpile caching and 
datastore interaction (sql alchemy).  I'm looking to add project 
integrations to this portfolio, such as one that will integrate Yosai with 
Pyramid.  If anyone would like to work together on a pyramid_yosai 
integration, please contact me if this is something you can truly commit 
yourself to.  raydeo has been exceptionally helpful and dedicated time with 
me refactoring crucial parts of yosai.web to make it more acceptable/sane 
for Pyramid use but there's only so much of me that one core pyramidder can 
take (what can I say?).

I've authored a project web site but am not actively marketing it until the 
first release (again, by end of month).  However, I can share the link with 
you offline for an early preview.  The github page gives you an overview of 
the project:  http://www.github.com/yosaiproject

Please contact me if you'd like to work together.


Darin (aka dowwie on Freenode)

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