Hey all,

I have released version 1.8.0rc1 of WebOb, this version has a large number of 
changes related to Accept/Accept-* header handling and thus will get an extra 
bit if soaking before releasing it upon the unsuspecting masses.

There were a few other minor changes, but as always all that information may be 
found in the What’s New section of the documentation:



- Updated Accept handling
- No more Python 3.3
- SameSite cookies
- IPv6 parsing has been improved
- @wsgify behaviour is a little more sane

To give this a shot, please add a pin to your setup.py or requirements.txt of: 

As always, issues may be added here: https://github.com/pylons/webob/issues 
<https://github.com/pylons/webob/issues> and will be handled on a whenever I 
have time basis :-P. Patches with tests are always appreciated.

I will release the final version in ~4 weeks (beginning of February), unless 
some major showstoppers appear. There appear to be no incompatibility with the 
latest changes and Pyramid 1.9, so hopefully this upgrade to better Accept 
handling will be smooth 


  pip install webob==1.8.0rc1

Thank you,
Bert JW Regeer

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