Good evening (at least where I am),

I have just released the latest version of WebOb: 1.8.0, it contains many new 
features/bugfixes/enhancements with a huge revamp of the HTTP Accept/Accept-* 
handling thanks to our Google Summer of Code student Whiteroses.

For the full list of details, you may visit:

You may install this version from your local cheeseshop using:

pip install webob==1.8.0

If you are using Pyramid, you may have noticed you likely have already pulled 
down and used the release candidate for a little while. See the issue related 
to this and the reasoning why here:

That being said, thank you all for testing, even if unwittingly.

As always, if there are bugs, please report them here:

Thank you to all contributors and people that have made this release happen!

Bert JW Regeer

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