On Jan 16, 2011, at 6:16 AM, Adam Klekotka wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm new to Pyramid and I'm developing an app in which I want to use
> twitter and facebook connect for user auth. I think the repoze.what
> with plugins would be the best way to do that. Is there any tutorial
> how to use it with Pyramid? Or maybe should I choose Pylons1.0
> instead?

My personal recommendation would be to use Pyramid's ACL/security system, and 
use normal username/password for the account sign-up. Once someone is 
signed-up, give them the option of 'linking' Facebook/twitter to their account. 
Nowadays, I just see way too many support/usability issues with supporting 
multiple sign-on methods. People forget whether they used twitter or facebook, 
and if they lose one of those accounts, or twitter/facebook have some issue, 
they can no longer sign into your site.

I think its fine if they can use one of those methods to sign-in in *addition* 
to having a username/email/password on file, as they can at least fall-back to 
that if they forget which other auth they used.

As for doing the Facebook/twitter connect, you might want to look at velruse, 
which makes it easy to do the actual handshake connect with either of them. 
That'd be useful for letting them link their account later from an account 
management page.


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