On 03/08/2017 22:20, Bert JW Regeer wrote:

I guess it is not entirely clear, but here’s docs for the two

**settings is provided by your launcher, pserve will use plaster and
call main() on your application that is registered with setup tools and
provide the settings dictionary to do with as you please.

With Steve's pointer to plaster, this sounds great, but how do I tell
pserve to use plaster?

Sorry, also forgot to ask: I can see how the config.include(...) call
can be triggered from settings, but how would I do the same for the
ldap* methods?

You’d have to write some custom code to automatically make those calls,
but you can use the settings dictionary to pull out the values you need.

Okay, stepping back, if I wanted to replace my production.ini with a production.yaml, what do I need to change and where?



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