Hi there, if you can help me with this it will save what's left of my hair.

I want to have a jinja2 template render with variables passed in from an 
external program.  The views.py has this in it

@view_config(route_name='stats', renderer='templates/stats.jinja2')
def my_view_stats(request):
return {'r': subprocess.check_output(['program_that_returns_json']),
'page': 'My Stats', 'next' : '/hello', 'prev': '/paydown'}

program_that_returns_json returns this kind of thing {'on_target' : 3425}

The template stats.jinja2 has 
We are this much on target: {{r.on_target}} 
The next page is {{next}}

{{next}} gets rendered but {{r.on_target}} does not.

The technique above works for me when renderer='json' but I need javascript 
to unpack the response and jquery to set content, variable by variable.  
Here I have a large list of them.  Can it work like I have guessed or ?

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