Due to the degeneracy of the PyMOL selection language, there are many

Say we want 79 to 85 and 89 to 94 in chain A...

# the most concise way is 

select name2, a/79:85+89:94/

# but alternatives include:

select name2, ( a/79:85/ or a/89:94/ )
select name2, ( chain a and (resi 79:85 or resi 89:94 ))

# hyphens (-) work just as well as colons (:) in the above...

select name2, a/79-85+89-94/

- Warren

Warren L. DeLano, Ph.D.

> From: Michael S. Cosgrove, Ph.D. [mailto:c...@cozzy.med.jhmi.edu]

> Hi, I am new to pymol. I was wondering if someone could help me with 
> selecting multiple noncontinuous residues with the same name. 
> For example, 
> I have tried the following:
> select name1, a/79/ .....# to select a single residue,
> select name2, a/79:85/ ......# to select a continuous string 
> of residues,
> How do I select a collection of noncontinuous of residues 
> that can be given 
> the same name (i.e. name3)
> Thanks,
> Michael

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