Master Users,

I'm a bit new to PyMol and still trying to master selections.  I've read
the documentation and played with quite a few macromolecules now and
still have some problems with selections.

For example, I found a PDB online called 'pope.pdb' (a cool lipid
bilayer; and simply wanted to
select all the hydrophobic tails and hydrophilic heads so that I may
apply different attributes to each.  If I need to select the tails,
which in the PDB are labeled from C10 (or so) to C50 depending on the
molecule, can I use something like c10-c50 (experience tells me no) or
must I do c10+c11+c12...c50?

So, it comes down to: do you prefer the macro method or standard; and,
do you have any hints or tips for more accurate or powerful selections? 
As an example, how could I select just the tails or just the heads in
the aforementioned pope.pdb file?


Jason Vertrees
BSCB Graduate Student @ UTMB, Galveston ::

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